We are castles in the sand


until the tides of time

whistle through our ramparts

erasing me & mine

the dance of sea & shore

towards an elusive oneness

within the empty spaces

between silence & stillness”


I have always enjoyed writing, but stopped a long time ago. I found words to be more deceptive than enlightening. They constructed ideas & images that were often alien to me.  I preferred silence as a means of understanding myself. It was subtle, unencumbered and closer to who I was than words.

But as I began to write again, I noticed it also allows us to distill our thoughts, feelings & memories until a quiet vibrancy remains. One that connects with our own heart and allows it to merge with the spontaneous flow of life.

Anand R Raghavan




2 Replies to “About”

  1. Astute! Writing does provide anchoring to thoughts and dreams or ideas. Sometimes, I introspect more through my writing than when I am alone. Can not agree more with you


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