The ravines of Phaphund

| 13 MINUTE READ | I met a small town contractor 20 years ago. With the aura of a man on an epic journey. This is his story.


Living in rhythm with nature

| 13 MINUTE READ | Excerpts from a book on holistic health that explain the fundamentals of ayurveda, prana and the seven energy centres in the body

The lifeboat privilege

| 9 MINUTE READ | A story from the contracting industry and some of the questions they raise regarding the sharp inequalities in the modern world and their impact on people.

A vacation of long silences

| 10 MINUTE READ | My experiences with silence and the lessons they taught me.

Cutting a high flying kite

| 11 MINUTE READ | Nirav Modi and the thin lines between success and fraud

The natural habitat of humans

| 8 MINUTE READ | A few thoughts and memories on the universal voyage towards self discovery

The Roxna Rollercoaster

| 15 MINUTE READ | A review of Roxna Swamy's book about her maverick husband